Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The ultimate question

Yesterday, shortly after her 6th year old birthday, my daughter Nicole asked us what I believe is the ultimate question: what are the humans here for? (in spanish: para que estamos las personas en la tierra?). Not how? not why? what for?!! She's asking about purpose ... Even if I was unconsciously waiting for this moment I wasn't prepared for it at all. My husband and I were leaving the house at that moment and we just looked at each other, seeing that the ball was in my field I said something like there are many answers to this question and we'll talk about it later. Now, having thought about it some more, I realize that:
1. I want to reward and cherish this moment and this question, so first thing I'll do is take Nicole with me and find a way to celebrate with her. I want her to know this is a great moment in her personal history.
2. As I think more about it, it all comes up to it's all infinite and the only possible purpose is to exist and evolve, both individually and as a whole. You can choose the god of your preference, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that someone else needed to create god or god always existed which in any ways makes it infinite. Basically, like my co-worker Daniel pointed out earlier today, Lavoisier's law essentially is also saying all that is has always been and will always be, it might transform but will never disappear. If it's all infinite, there's no purpose on creation or destruction, the only purpose is in existence and transformation which in turn is Evolution.
3. I'll try to personalize on her own life to get some balance so she doesn't feel totally lost being a little piece in a gear. Our individual purpose is to expand to best of our potential, to be happy, share, learn and evolve. I hope she's happy with that answer ... we'll see for how long ...


Lionel K said...

So, what did you end up answering? Does she remember today about it?


Cecilia Abadie said...

I couldn't really give her an ultimate answer. Just told her I still wondered, that it was a very important question for me and to keep exploring and thinking about it.

I asked her this morning, she says she remembers. The question apparently still pops in her mind here and there but now she doesn't seem to do much about it according to her.