Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Summarized by Pattern

The GeneXus's Pattern Generator still blows my mind off! It's an amazing way to save the developer work by allowing to standardized behaviors, share templates and minimize the mechanical side of programming. Anyway, I decided to try the newly developed Summarized by Pattern to bring in some statistics in the simulator's usage viewer.
This particular pattern allows you to generate with a few clicks some web pages that will provide the user with summarized information on any chosen indicator (money, time, etc) analyzed by chosen dimensions (customer, dates, product, etc). Even being a unreleased beta version of the Summarized By pattern (thanks Enrique!) it worked out very well and gave me a product to show in just a few hours. I just reported a few minor things just to be a good beta tester ;)
Some of the issues: having to import the standard pattern xpzs manually, a inference issue where it tried to infer the description attribute for the first attribute in a two att foreign key table, and some other issues mostly related with the way I did my settings in the pattern instance (XML). In the end, just a few clicks, some tweaking here and there and voila! I have my simulator's time usage information summarized with nice graphics!! Pretty amazing.

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