Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Going to Prague

I just finished my little presentation, it all went cool, everybody got excited about the new projects and the direction we're going so this is relax time for me and I feel like blogging.
Before I forget one more time: Chicago connections suck! I don't know why I forget about it once and again, but the weather there is half the time impossible, so on my way to Prague I ended up loosing my United connection and having no luggage for several hours. The flight was to Frankfurt Lufthansa instead of United in the end which was pretty cool as they have this great german DJ music channel.
The other day I was talking to Josh our graphic designer for Full Swing Golf, who is a DJ as well, we were talking about digital music and how it is great to listen as you develop/design, specially when it's not too vocal. It really works out great for me while I'm working, it keeps me up (to the beat) but it does not interfere with my left brain at all (I hope my laterality worked here:), it actually helps me concentrate.

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