Monday, July 24, 2006

Some rights reserved - View Source

This is a very interesting concept also known as "hackability" and remixability. Systems like the original web, RSS, and AJAX all have this in common: the barriers to re-use are extremely low. In my personal opinion the web browser's view source feature was one of the great things that helped make web development viral. You didn't need to go to any books (or the web that did not exist as is today) to find out "how are they doing this cool thing?". You would just click on the
"View Source" option and you'd be seeing THE SOURCE!!! Soon came cgis and new languages and technologies such as java/asp/aspx etc and all that kind of went backwards. In the case of AJAX, where a lot of the power was back to the client and the browser viewable source, there is a little bit of excitement back to the remix picture.
I'm not arguing against source protection. It's great to have source protection, in fact it's important and has a true value, but, this doesn't mean that in other cases it'd be really nice and harmless to let users access to the source code of the page they're viewing. So, I'm wondering if we'll see any "View Source" implementation for server code. At least for the open source movement it seems like a natural thing to do, particularly so with open source projects and for people sharing sample code on the web.
I guess it might imply taking the open source to another level ...
Maybe the GeneXus community, which is a very vanguardist community, might embrace this idea and would share most of their code to make GeneXus code virally expand over the net.
I wonder if it'd make sense to have a more seamless integration between browser and not only client but server code as well. Eventually it might allow better ways of hacking and re-mixing ... waiting for the day when source code flows as music, in the public domain ...

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