Friday, July 28, 2006

Panjab Bhangra music

When I was in Beijing earlier this year, because of one of those little coincidences in life, I happened to end up in a 5 star hotel ... really neat, didn't use the butler at all (who needs a butler? give me a robot one and I might deal with it in the future ;). Anyway one thing that I loved there was they had a great sound system connected to the bathroom where you could just adjust the volume basically. I noticed some years ago in Shan-hai that there is a lot of influence of indian music in China, and I came across this really cool indian music that thanks to my falty memory I could never listen again. Couple weeks ago, Time magazine had India as cover story and in their article about the super cool city of Bombay that I hope I get to go some day. They mentioned that they're sounding this panjab bhangra music. For what I understand it's a remix of some traditional indian music with a DJ spin. Really cool!! Later found and loved "Om Nama Shiva" from Donna de Lory, powerful mantra with awesome, transporting music, it'd be great for my yoga class. Amazon has a free download for the song. Of course I have a radio station in Pandora giving me more of this stuff, I'm thinking I need a third monitor to have just Pandora there ...

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