Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Google tool bar

The new google bar has many nice features. They keep enlarging their integration with third parties, like they did before with the home page. This time they added 'Search Types', where third parties can provide searches in their own websites, so you can tell it to goolge just BoingBoing for instance.
The Bookmarks tool sounds del.icio.usly familiar ;) I guess google is pursuing the bookmarking market and they're doing so using their data as always as the empowering factor. You can start recording all your google search results' so you can go at a later time and bookmark the relevant ones. They remain very purists in their search basics, no tagging added which I think would be very useful. Not a glimpse yet of any networking sharing for this bookmarking feature ... so I guess they still are not too ahead in the bookmarking business. I like the fact of recording and going later to mark what's important to remember. I always have been a fanatic of recording. It makes a lot of sense to record in a superficial, unprocessed level all the things we do, see, hear, etc and having the possibility to go back to it and do come cleaning, tagging, long term storing of the info (I belive the aborted Xanadu project was all about that). This to me, resembles the way our memory actually works so I believe it's a step closer to having computers be our extended memory. What is really cool is that once we unveil the secrets of having this extended memory we also will have the possibility to have a shared memory.
Anyway, back to the google toolbar, two more features that were there before but I never noticed:
1. The Autolink feature. I see a lot of potential on this one. I'd love to see more autolinks, like dates to calendars, contact info to address books, etc.
2. The check spelling thing is great, I'm saved!! ;)

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